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Tabitha's Thrifted Fashion Shoot

Jun 01, 2019

To be fair, this photoshoot did not turn out to be what I envisioned.

My original idea was to have both of my models in very exaggerated, whimsical outfits with crazy eye makeup and huge hair. I wanted their limbs to be sprawled across a black and white tiled floor and their faces to be lit up with bright studio lights.

That did not happen.

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Instead, we surpassed obstacle after obstacle. As I started to steadily apply my Vogue inspired eyeliner look on my female model, Hilda Rey, her eye began to swell. This is when I started to realize that maybe today wouldn’t go like I thought it would.

We packed up everything we needed for the shoot and headed for the door. I lifted a 40-pound case of professional lights over my shoulders like an ‘80s boombox and made the long journey across campus to Andrews Hall.

“It’s gonna be all worth it” I said over and over again in my head as inspiration to keep me from crumbling to the ground.

The door to Andrews Hall refused to open. Over and over again I pulled on the handles of the door hoping that something would change. Wishing that a professor or janitor would hear my cries for help. Anything to get us into what was supposed to be our location for the shoot.

It did not budge.

This was one of my worst nightmares. Every beautiful aspect of today was going down the drain. I had worked so hard for all the elements to come together, and now what? I was just going to quit?

c0-20-thriftedshoot-11 c0-20-thriftedshoot-14

To my luck, I improvised. I didn’t keep grasping onto the original vision I had before. I used my resources and created an entirely new vision.

All of us took a deep breath, picked up our things, and embarked on yet another journey across campus. Before we knew it, we were standing in front of Andersen Hall.

The sun was setting and the view of the capitol was as beautiful as ever. I would have no need for my fancy lights when the sun could do just as well. My models flipped their hair and quickly switched from pose to pose. Their chemistry with the camera and each other was something beautiful. Passersby dropped their jaws in awe as they paused in admiration.


According to World Resources Institute, it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce one cotton shirt and the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to make a pair of jeans is equal to the amount of gases a car emits after driving 80 miles.

I think we all know that our Earth is currently in danger, but there are things we can do to help. Thrifting and buying second hand items are a great way to prevent our environment from getting even worse.

It’s a challenge. It’s impossible to be perfect. YES, I am guilty of having an agenda to find the cutest pair of fall boots almost every time I thrift, and no, I still have not found them. But I will tell you what I have found:

- My Senior year prom dress

- Almost all of my ugly Christmas sweaters

- The most obnoxious blouses that you thought only cartoon characters wore

- Everything you see in this shoot (minus jewelry and some shoes)

- My very-unique, very-me style

c0-20-thriftedshoot-12 c0-20-thriftedshoot-7

Is it always what I had envisioned? No. Is it even better? Almost always.

Don’t be afraid to buy something you didn’t plan for. If it speaks to you, get it. Even if it has coffee stains or holes in the armpit. If there is something specific that you’re searching for, second-hand websites like Thred Up, Depop, and Etsy are great places to start.

So go out there and find what fits you. Whether that’s a hand-me-down skirt from Forever 21, or your mom’s college cardigan that you stole from her closet. If it makes you feel good, it makes you look good! YOUR unique style is the trend, always. Seriously, you do you boo!

c0-20-thriftedshoot c0-20-thriftedshoot-8
c0-20-thriftedshoot-6 c0-20-thriftedshoot-15

Models: Cole Kovarik (left) and Hilda Rey (right). Photos by Tabitha Lincoln.

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