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Omaha Mayoral Candidates on Youth Priority

Mar 15, 2021

Ahead of the Omaha Primary Elections on April 6 and General on May 11, we reached out to Mayoral Candidates to answer: What policies do you plan on focusing on that would directly benefit young people, ultimately making them want to stay?

Below are their full responses.

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Jean Stothert 1

Mayor Jean Stothert

“We are making Omaha inclusive and welcoming for everyone by creating exciting, sustainable urban neighborhoods featuring good jobs, affordable housing, arts, entertainment, social and recreation spaces, and retail, all connected with accessible transit options. Our strategic planning recognizes and values different viewpoints and backgrounds which create a city’s inclusive culture.”

Jasmine Harris

Jasmine Harris

“We have to build an Omaha where young people thrive.

We have to keep our next generation of leaders in Omaha by providing wage equity, innovative city services, and championing inclusivity and equity in all parts of the city. Omaha must become a city that values the input and progression of its young people. We must empower Millenial and Gen Z leaders, advocates, creators and entrepreneurs to be a part of the solutions that we urgently need to move Omaha forward.

There are many reasons why so many young people leave Omaha - from our lack of public transportation and a sustainable infrastructure, to a demonstrated commitment to racial equity, to an education system that equitably supports students from all neighborhoods. The Mayor should be leading with integrity and transparency as we address the root causes of why young people don’t want to stay... creating collaborative solutions to affordable housing, wage equity, small business development and accessible transportation.

The city government must lead by example to set the tone for how we plan to work with our next generation of Omahans to engage them in how Omaha will look and function in the future.”

Mark Gudgel 1

Mark Gudgel

“As mayor, one of my primary focuses will be creating a more equitable Omaha that my children want to live in as adults. We plan on creating a fund called the Omaha Promise which will provide funding so that every high school graduate can attend college in Omaha. We have a robust sustainability plan so that Omaha will be a thriving and beautiful city to live in for generations to come, with a focus on increasing public transportation and improving bikeability and walkability. We have an important LGBTQ+ policy that will ensure that Omaha is a safe and welcoming city for every person regardless their gender identity or sexual orientation. Our policies which are all geared toward increasing equity in Omaha are laid out on our website in detail at”

Kimara Snipes

Kimara Snipes

“The main point is making Omaha a 21st century city that young people can be proud of and attracted to. That means a complete streets program, better ways of defining and implementing community policing. Being innovative and on the cutting edge as opposed to being stuck in a pattern when it comes to city services would attract and retain young people. I will also be active in recruiting jobs for the Omaha area and stay on the cutting edge. This is important for all communities.”

Rj Neary

RJ Neary

"I'm running for mayor to make Omaha a better city for future generations. To do this I will invest in and promote multi-modal transportation, creative neighborhoods and opportunities for younger developers, businesses and creatives. I will also offer grants to young people encouraging them to move to Omaha or stay in our city. I will integrate young voices at city hall by empowering and appointing young people to boards.

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All Omaha Mayoral Candidates were contacted.