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Use Your Voice: How to Become Politically Active

Sep 02, 2020

It’s no secret: Government and politics is a hotbed for contention, confusion, and infrequently, collaboration. When both sides of the political sphere are attempting to swing you their way, it can be easy to get turned around. But don’t get discouraged, the best way to navigate the swamp that is today’s political landscape is by getting informed.

Now is a great time to do so. The Nebraska Primaries are May 12, 2020. Primaries are like the first of two rounds of voting for federal and state candidates. Candidates who make it past the primaries square off for the General Election on Nov. 3, 2020. If you’re a U.S. citizen and turn 18 before Nov. 3, you can vote in both elections.

These three steps will help you steer straight toward knowing what you think, and best utilizing your vote.

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One of the first and easiest steps you can take to jumpstart your political life is to register yourself as a voter in your home state. Registering allows you to wield the most powerful political weapon in a democracy — the vote. And it’s quick — take 10 minutes to do it on any device on hand at

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Determine What You Think

Once you’ve prepared yourself to take action at the polls, it’s time for the most important part of the political process: educate yourself. Instead of watching random tutorials on YouTube, use the 501(c)3 nonprofit resources below to find unbiased, nonpartisan information on issues and candidates. Lincoln Journal Star and Omaha World Herald also publish a Voter’s Guide that makes it easy to see what each candidate thinks about a specific issue in a matter of taps.

And never stop! Our views change over time, so don’t be afraid to stop and question what you think and why you think it.

Use Your Resources

Open Secrets

Interested how campaign funding might influence a candidate’s stance on a particular issue? See your representative’s funding sources at

Vote 411

Register to vote, check your registration status, and see what issues and candidates are on your ballot at

Election Choice

Enter your position on a dozen of the most pressing issues facing our nation, then watch as your politicians’ yard signs advance toward you in agreement or recede based on their public records at

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Use Your Vote

Now this part is up to you. You’ve become a registered voter. You’ve done the research, and now it’s time to show up! Enter May 12 and Nov. 3 in your calendar and use your vote! This may be a little easier said than done, however. Perhaps the candidate who shared your views on dismantling the otter shampoo monopoly lost in the primaries and left a hazy future for the aquatic mammals’ fur. If your favorite candidate loses traction, it’s important to prioritize the views most important to you and vote based on who you think is best fit to lead in a way that reflects those views.