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ORBT adds fares October 1

Oct 19, 2021
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In November of 2020, bright orange bus stations started to pop up along Dodge and Douglas streets. ORBT, the new metro route, soon became a household name, and a spectacle for the city of Omaha. ⠀

This October, a fare of $1.25 was added. Jason Rose, the Communications & Community Relations Manager from Metro Transit, said, “Our goal is to build more ORBT lines and strengthen Omaha’s public transit network, and fare collection helps establish the financial basis for these expansions in the future.” ⠀

Content Creation Intern Tabitha Lincoln, spoke with some ORBT riders about their thoughts on the added fares. Some said they were inconvenient and unnecessary. Others like UNO students Saeko Hasumi and Saki Murakami were not even aware others would soon be charged. ⠀

While ORBT makes its way up and down Dodge and Douglas, Omaha continues to morph and change in more ways than one. Now, ORBT acts as a main artery of the city, pumping life in and out of the city from east to west. ⠀

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